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Sensoplast is the manufacturer and system supplier of standard screw caps and dosage systems made of plastic, elastomere, and pharmaceutical glass. Our specific knowhow focuses on the development, manufacture, and assembly of high-quality primary packaging for the closure and dosing of liquids in bottles. A wide range of screw thread pharmaceutical glass bottles made by European manufacturers completes our extensive product portfolio of over 1,200 articles.

Founded in 1989, Sensoplast, as an owner-managed family business, is one of the leading manufacturers of standard screw caps and dosage systems in the pharmaceutical, homeopathy, healthcare, cosmetics, and chemical industries. If required, Sensoplast supplies everything from under one roof:
your system provider for the primary packaging of liquids.
All standard screw caps and dosage systems made of plastic and elastomere are manufactured and assembled at the German headquarters in Oberhonnefeld/Westerwald (Neuwied district, between Frankfurt and Cologne). A solid, organic company growth of about 5 - 10% per year confirms the meanwhile 20 years’ continuous success within the market. Sensoplast works almost completely without borrowed capital.

The qualitative orientation of our production processes and of our product portfolio lies in the market for pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions. This high level of quality can be found in all products – for all application areas.

Sensoplast supplies customers on all continents in more than 50 countries with several hundred million plastic components per year – Made in Germany.

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