Raw Material
Spatula:  LD-PE
Brush Body:  LD-PE
Brush Hair:  Black TYNEX® monofilament (polymer)
or: White Goat hair

Neck finish:

DIN168  GL18
DIN168  GL22


  • Market-tested and easy-to-use
  • Ability to apply preparations of different degrees of viscosity
  • Great flexibility as regards neck finish and length
Example Brush Assembly SC DIN18, 3-D Example Spatula Assembly TE1 DIN18, 3-D

Brush & Spatula Assemblies

Sensoplast brush and spatula assemblies are ideal for applying viscous fluids. You will be able to find the optimal applicator for meeting your requirements in our product range depending both on the physical properties of your compound and the bottle size. We are happy to help you when making this choice.