Raw Material:  LD-PE

Suitable for Neck Finish:

DIN168  GL18


  • Drop size and weight can be dosed accurately
  • Incorrect dosage by patients is unlikely, since the position at which the bottle is held (180°, upside down) is obvious
Usage Vertical Dropper Example Vertical Dropper DIN18, 3-D

Vertical Droppers

In the areas of pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics, the exact dosage of preparations is often essential. Sensoplast vertical droppers are able to meet this strict requirement. When a bottle is held at 180° (upside down), very exact drop volumes are produced with low tolerances.
The drop drips centrally from the drop pipe that is set in the middle. The air pipe is positioned at the side. The drop speed and the drop size and/or weight depend on the diameter of the drop and air pipes as well as on the consistency of the fluid.
Sensoplast offers a wide range of different vertical dropper variants in order to meet the many different dosage requirements.

In order to select the most suitable vertical dropper for your specific product it is important to let us perform dosage tests. Send us a sufficient quantity of your preparation and let us know both the bottle size and the dosage requirements. We will suggest an optimal product combination of closure and vertical dropper for you.