• UNI 1 (for oily, low viscosity liquids)
  • UNI 2 (for alcoholic and watery liquids)
  • R 07/21 (for alcoholic and watery liquids)
  • Pourer
  • Globule Dropper

Raw Material:  LD-PE

Suitable for Neck Finishes:

DIN168  GL18
DIN168  GL22


  • All-purpose use for different viscosities of liquids
  • Suspended solids (e.g. plant-based) in the fluid do not hinder the drop behavior
  • Very easy to screw on to the bottle due to compact construction of the components
Usage Horizontal Dropper Example Horizontal Dropper DIN18, 3-D

Horizontal Droppers & Pourers

Horizontal droppers are also commonly known as rim droppers or allround droppers. These dosage systems cover an extremely wide spectrum of use. They are used in application areas where the exactness of the dropping volume may vary slightly. This variance results from the varying angle of about 120° - 150° at which the bottle is held by individual consumers. The drops flow over the rim of the dropper and do not come into contact with the neck of the bottle when doing so. This therefore prevents the accumulation of drops of liquid on the outside of the bottle.
These droppers are frequently used in the areas of homeopathy (plant-based preparations) or essential oils.

The advantage of controlled dosage is also achieved through the use of a pourer.

Our globule dropper is a specialty that is available with different dosage hole sizes.

We will select the rim dropper or pourer that fits exactly to your compound. Simply send us a product sample.