Dose & Apply

Dose & Apply

As accurately as you require

Safety and tightness are the responsibility of the closure – the ideal dosage of the liquid must be ensured by the dosage system. An alcohol-based liquid clearly shows a different pouring and dropping behavior due to its viscosity compared to, for example, an essential oil. The dosage system must correspond to these physical characteristics.

Sensoplast provides a wide range of dropper and dosing inserts that take into account the individual viscosities of the liquids.

All closure types of our product range can be combined with all dosage systems within a neck finish specification. This characteristic of our products makes our packaging solutions as flexible as possible in order to meet your requirements.

We are happy to provide you with complete systems – meaning closure and dosing insert are pre-assembled by us and can be immediately screwed on to the bottle. Should your capping machine require the separate supply of closure and dosing insert we can provide you with the components as separate parts. We manufacture our products in any color that you require.

You can find the following products for sealing, dosing, and applying in our product range: