Raw Material Closures with Self Sealing Cones:

Raw Material Closures with Sealing Inserts (Liners):

Liner Types:

  • Smooth sealing inserts made of EPE foam, in different densities
  • Smooth sealing inserts made of EPE foam, laminated with aluminum, Teflon, or other Raw Materials in different densities
  • Conical liners made of LD-PE

Neck Finishes:

DIN168  GL18
DIN168  GL22


  • All-purpose use for different chemical compounds and viscosities of liquids
  • Very easy to screw on to the bottle
Example SC DIN18 Self Sealing Cone, 3-D Example SC DIN18 Liner, 3-D

Closures with Self Sealing Cones

The self sealing cone, also known as a self-seal, or conic seal, is the easiest and cheapest method of sealing a bottle tightly. During the injection-molding process, the closure is given a conical sealing lip on the inside of the cap. Sealing is therefore performed by the closure itself, without the need for a further component such as a sealing liner. As a result, only a single Raw Material specification is required. All Sensoplast closure types can be supplied with self sealing cones. A brush or a spatula can be mounted in this closure type if required.

Closures with Sealing Inserts (Liners)

A further simple method of sealing a bottle is by giving the closure a sealing insert (liner). For this, we provide a wide range of liners made of different Raw Materials that can be supplied with or without lamination (for example, aluminum, Teflon and many others). In this way the individual liner of the closure is able to take into account the requirements of the many different types of liquid.