• Standard Riffle
  • Smooth/Shiny Outer Form
  • Extra High Cover Cap
    (Thin Appearance, Fine Riffle)

Cover Cap Raw Material:  PP

Inner Closure Raw Material:  HD-PE

Neck Finishes:

DIN168  GL18


  • Internationally known Press + Turn system
  • Colors of cover cap and tamper evident ring can be chosen freely, enabling easy product identification
  • Different embossments possible
    (Press + Turn, Warning Sign, etc.)
  • Both childproof and meets the needs of the elderly
Example CRC/TE DIN18, 3-D Example CRC/TE high DIN18, 3-D

Child Resistant & Tamper Evident Closures (CRC/TE)

Sensoplast combines the advantages of tamper evident closures with those of a childproof solution. We mount a one-piece tamper evident closure (TE1) in a cover cap and interlock the components together. It is only possible to open the cap of the bottle by simultaneously pressing down and turning. At the same time, the first opening is clearly visible by the tearing of the tamper evident ring.

This simple construction that has proven itself millions of times was tested as regards its reliability according to the criteria of DIN/EN/ISO 8317 and is considered to be childproof according to the above standards and respective certification.

Different embossment variants are available for the caps as well as a design with smooth outer form.
Manual closure as well as semi or completely automatic processing for filling and capping machines is possible. The color of the closure and tamper evident ring can be chosen freely, enabling easy product identification.

The following seal, dosage, and application systems are available and/or can be combined: