• Standard Riffle
  • Fine Riffle

Raw Material
Closure:  PP
Tamper Evident Ring:  HD-PE

Neck Finishes:
DIN168  GL18


  • High robustness of closure
  • Decorative appearance
  • Color of closure and tamper evident ring can be chosen freely
Example TE2 DIN18 Fine Riffle, 3-D ŽExample TE2 DIN18 Standard Riffle, 3-D

Tamper Evident Closures, 2-Piece (TE2)

The “star” among tamper evident closures. A classic, elegant design and discrete visibility of the first opening of your product. Sensoplast’s two-piece tamper evident closures consist of two components made of different types of plastic. A separately manufactured tamper evident ring made of HD-PE (polyethylene) is inserted in the closure body that is made of robust PP (polypropylene). The tamper evident ring of the closure breaks audibly during first opening and remains visible during subsequent use on the neck of the bottle.

Manual closure as well as semi or completely automatic processing for filling and capping machines is possible.
The color of the closure and tamper evident ring can be chosen freely, enabling easy product identification.

The following seal, dosage, and application systems are available and/or can be combined: